SPECTRUM: embodied

SPECTRUM: embodied

envisioned and co-curated by Bryanna Bradley and Michelle Daly

featuring: J. Bouey, Aye Eckerson, Rina Espiritu, Alyssa St. Franc, Malcolm Peacock, Katy Pyle, Amanda Romanelli, Don’Jea Smith, Billy Dean Thomas w/Anjimile, and Heath Upton

SPECTRUM:embodied surveys the different thoughts, feelings, and expressions of gender in relation to space and the body.  

As an extension of the SPECTRUM exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51.

Some questions we’ll be asking along the way:

can the performing body challenge Institutional space & culture?

how institutions persist or resists white/heteronormative bias? 

how gender is presented, mis- presented, or erased by institutions?

SPECTRUM:embodied invites performers and the curious to shift boundaries of creation, performance, and belonging. Performers will consist of both MCLA students and professional/ working artists.

SPECTRUM: embodied activities include a ‘walking performance tour’ of the MCLA campus, open mics, work-in-progress showings, movement classes and a closing celebration Performers will inhabit different locations on and off-campus to make visible the often unseen pathways/entry points/windows into the unfamiliar.


Day one events

- A Durational performance by Rina Espiritu in Freel Library
- An Interactive class with Malcolm Peacock - Of what had I ever been afraid?
- A walking performance tour of the MCLA campus featuring site-based responses by: Alyssa St. Franc, Amanda Romanelli, Aye Eckerson, Don’Jea Smith, Heath Upton, and J. Bouey

day two EVENTS

- Works-in-progress showings and an open mic at Design Lab - An open Ballez class taught by Katy Pyle
- A guided tour of the Spectrum exhibition at Gallery 51 . - A closing celebration featuring Billy Dean Thomas

Billy Dean Thomas with Anjimile

Billy Dean Thomas with Anjimile