nest (verb)

1. to build or occupy : settle in

2. to fit compactly together or within one another : embed

Nested uses paint color samples or paint chips as the basis for a multi-year rumination on the expected social and cultural roles of women as wife, mother, caretaker, and laborer.

Nested is an installation of 538 hand-sewn paint chips – acquired from various hardware stores. As objects these paint chip and the many thousands of hours represented in the intricate hand-stitched concentric shapes form a basis from which to consider domesticity, expectations of home ownership, the popularity of home improvement and DIY culture, and the unrealistic expectations placed on women to tend to the domestic needs of a household -both physical and emotional.

As an installation, Nested draws on subtle variations of time, and the hand to call attention to this labor and - in this instance - its ultimate futility as each of the 538 paint chips charts one day in the course of a failed marriage.